Good 4 Nothing Humanity


“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

― Phil Collins

These philosophical words symbolize our spirit and rationale at g4n humanity

India has a long history of a civil society based on the concepts of ‘Daana’ (Giving)

and ‘Seva’ (Service) with kindness, fortitude and hope.

These concepts have survived centuries and form the cornerstone

of our vision at doing ‘Good for Nothing Humanity’ in return.

They epitomize our desire to impart with the masses what we have learnt in

the spirit of peace and togetherness.

Our mission is to encourage people to be self-reliant by providing them

affordable and accessible knowledge and skill sets.

We hope to connect people from all walks of life so that every individual &

small businesses will have an opportunity to apply the wisdom of traditional

knowledge to contemporary problems on various issues impacting the nation

We strive to work towards transforming and sharing knowledge and skills,

between educated professionals & small businesses in India.

We at g4n humanity are mandated to create well informed efficient personnel,

to undertake the responsibility of developing their communities and participate in

the process of nation building.”

In addition to our educational efforts, we also seek to demystify and

decentralize technology so that future generations are empowered,

to face the challenges of time.

We’re in the Educational Marketing Startup of helping you Start your business Online.



Good 4 Nothing-Clients

 Who We Are


We are an educational marketing startup focusing on bringing

small business online, generate leads & sales & help

create personal brand for individuals.

With an aim to bring small business online

we launched our Digital Marketing Agency Good 4 Nothing Humanity

We believe Marketing is all about educating customers so they

can take better decisions for their business.

Due to Covid-19 lot of business were shut down because of

not having online Presence

We strongly feel that educational marketing can change the lives of people

but unfortunately, a large number of small businesses are not online.

You should have your business online to reach more people and build brand awareness

Social Media Marketing- Small Business Seminar

While on one hand we talk about advanced technology and how it is bringing

change in the world, on the other hand we have small businesses who does

not know how to leverage the benefits of Online presence.

This is a major impediment in the growth of the country and therefore

we decided to bring in change in this area.

The need of the hour is skill-based education that will shape our future generation.

It will help small business to take their business to the next level

Why We Started

Founder at Sales Event

We feel degrees and certificates does not help you stay relevant in the market.

In order to stay relevant in the job market skills are very much critical.

It applies to both students & businesses. Skills are key.

Whether you are doing a job or having a business, you should ‘Always be Learning’

Our Startup aims to provide skill-based education to businesses so they can thrive

in the online world.

We also help students and startup with Digital Skills learning that can

help them grow in their career & business.

Our Objective is to provide skills that can help individuals & Small Businesses to 

prepare for the future either for jobs or Business.

We help businesses with website designing to drive traffic to generate quality leads for their business

Sales Events for Small Business owners

Good 4 Nothing-Small Business Clients

Where are We Serving It?

Sales Event

Currently our focus in developing our nation and our primary areas of action

shall be the skill-based education helping to create personal brand for

individuals as well bringing small business online and help them with growth & scale.

Due to Covid_19 lot has changed.

It has changed the way we work, the way we live,

the way we entertain ourselves

& Definitely we shop & learn.

Good 4 Nothing Humanity assists individuals & businesses both offline & Online

helping build personal brand & grow business via Digital Channels

Subsequently we would like to bring our mission onto a larger

platform on PAN INDIA basis.

In the future we envision g4n humanity as a global entity.


Small Business Workshop

What Differentiates us?

Founders with International Clients

Our Focus is to take your business to the next level

Our Motto is very simple: Together We Grow & Build the Nation

We help small & medium business to come to the online world with

Digital & Social media marketing strategy.

And it is also not about hierarchy, titles & designation.

It is about people, every individual on this planet

who has immense & incredible skills that we want to unlock

at both personal & Business level.

Good 4 Nothing Humanity believes in H2H (Human to Human)

and not about B2B or B2C. This is the foundation of our Startup

With the power of digital & social media to promote your products & services.

& Create brand awareness and increase sales.

We also Train on Digital & Social media marketing for Students,

Corporates and Small businesses.

The objective of our startup is to prepare students & businesses with

Digital skills learning that will help them grow in their career and Small business.

Good 4 Nothing-Small Business Clients Hotels

Good 4 Nothing-Small Business Hotel

How Does It Work?

We would look forward to sharing knowledge and the best practices to

make the society a healthier, friendlier and more vibrant place.

We do this by Digital Marketing Seminars & Workshop and Trainings for Small Businesses

To share stories about people as an example to motivate individuals & businesses.

Helping to develop skills in online world so as to take offline business to next level

The idea is to get all the offline businesses online and 

provide a platform to unlock their potential with skill-based Marketing.


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