Linked-in Marketing for your business

Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Marketing Strategy

How Linked-in can help you to grow your business?

Learn How linked-in can help you to reach wider audience & help you,

expand & build your business.

Linked-In Marketing for your business is a great way to build your audience.

Linked-in currently has 810 million members and it is going rapidly.

The best part of this professional networking is that you can do more than networking.

When linked-in was started in 2003 it had only 10 members at that time, that has

grown to 810 million members now.

Some Linked-in Stats

92% of fortune 500 companies are using linked-in today and numbers are growing.

More than 58% of the companies have linked-in company page.

There are 90 million senior level influencers & 63 million decision makers are on linked in.

With users daily spend of 2 hrs. 20 mins on social media like Facebook, twitter & other social sites, 17 mins are spent on linked-in

Job seekers spent 35-40 mins a day to search for a job on linked in.

There are more than 77% recruiters on linked-in who are always looking out for talents and skills.

43% of linked-in users are women & 37% of 25-34 use linked-in 

More than 86% millennial use linked-in so there is a great opportunity for companies to grow.

More than half the linked-in users come from mobile traffic.

95% of the B2B marketers use linked-in for content distribution.

89% of the marketing executive look out for quality content on linked in.

Linked-in visitors to lead conversion rate is 2.64%

62% of the leads for B2B are generated from linked-in 

27% of the marketers used linked-in Ads to reach out to customers. 

From sponsored content to sponsored in-mail to text ads, linked-in is a great

platform to reach out to your customers.

From generating leads, to creating brand awareness it is a powerful tool for marketers.

Grow your business with Linked-in Marketing solution.

We can help your business with LinkedIn Marketing

We at Good 4 Nothing humanity helps small businesses and startup to generate leads, help them drive revenue and increase sales.

Reach us out to create ads for your business via linked-in marketing.

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