Why Social Media is important for your business?


Do you use social media to promote your personal brand?

Do you use it in your business to generate sales & increase ROI?

Are you using social media to optimise ROI & sales?

This video is not only for businesses but also for individuals to create their personal brand.

So the question is. Why Social Media Marketing for your business?

It all Starts with ‘Why’?

Why Social media is important for your business? Keep Reading.

We are helping small business to move online

and help them with Social media marketing & Digital Media Marketing Strategy.

Social Media & ROI : Optimization

Last week one of our client were interested to move their business online.

They have been into traditional way of doing business and do not have their online presence since they started 22 years back.

The client wanted to meet us at their office so we decided to check out what was their objective & goals to move online.

We checked out his offerings in the belwo video

Social Media Marketing & ROI: Target Audience

After checking out his offering, we met him second time to discuss as how to go about it.

We met the owner of the business in the belwo video

Social Media Marketing ROI & Human to Human

After understanding that his first objective was to move his business online to create brand awareness, we decided to help him out.

First step was goal & objective & identify his target audience.

Second step was move his business online to create brand awareness of his offering in an organic way.

Third step was to use paid advertising.

If you are a small business and reaching out to your customer in a traditional way it is time to change. 

Watch the video as Why we do what we do?

We at Good 4 Nothing an education startup with main focus on entrepreneur & skill based education

help small business to move online

Due to rise in smart phones and reduction in the cost of data more and more people are moving online.

So it is important as a small business that you should be where your customers are.

How Social media helps business grow?

So where do they hang around? Obviously! Social Media.

Small Business can’t afford not to be active on social media.

Having social media presence helps you

tuned into your customer base

helps build brand awareness, drives traffic to your website and generate sales.

If you are planning to move your business online it is very important to create social media marketing strategy for your business.

Integrating Social media into your business is not easy.

It requires proper planning, goal setting

what you need to do with your brand?

how will you take it online?

how customer will look at your brand?

Why Choosing Right medium is key?

So to choose the right social media is a key and

having a perfect and right social media marketing strategy is critically important.

Why it is important?

Because to make sure that you do not waste your time in designing the wrong strategy.

As an entrepreneur you are busy

with limited time & limited resources and time is money that you cannot afford to lose.

Once the brand awareness is created when you move online by choosing the right platform.

Small Business Workshop for Social Media.
Small business Workshop for Social Media Marketing

then you can use the key platforms for paid advertising to generate leads and increase sales.

Advertising your product on social media is good

but if the budget is not allocated properly to right

platform then the results does not come.

Result is your advertising budget gets wasted.

Idea is to ensure that you do not waste time, money & energy on something that is not useful.

If you are moving online for the first time

idea is to reach out to your customer in an organic way,

check the pulse and once awareness is created for your products & services

then start using paid advertising to use your budget wisely.

So do you have social media marketing strategy for your business.

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