Why you should choose Sales as a career?


Why you should choose sales as a career..

Sales is an art.

And if you think it is only related to marketing or sales or business related.. it is not right.

We share with you as Why you should choose sales as a career?

Sales is applicable everywhere from housewife to businessman.

It is applicable from student to politician.

Sales is required from self employed to even a normal person.

All politician & leaders they come & ask for a vote are a great sales people.

Look at successful lawyer they have hidden sales mastery

If you look at any spiritual leaders or guru they are also somewhere brilliant sales people

The sales is required in every area & every aspect of life.

Sales as a career

Sales is not about just selling..

If you understand the science behind sales it will transform your life.

And you will agree that sales is applicable everywhere in every part of life.

See when a a child is small..he has all the qualities of a sales person.

You have seen how a small child convinces parents..that some how that he has to purchase that toy.

Sales event for women entrepreneurs
Sales event for women entrepreneurs

Even though when parents says No so many times he or she is still able to convince the parents.

Doesn’t matter if that convince is on emotional or logical ground.. all in all it is sales.

It is a skill..it is an art..and as a child we had that skill..but once we started growing..we forgot that skill.

Is Sales applicable in every field..

Remember no matter in which field you are in..in order to be successful..you need to learn how to sell.

Let me tell you the day a person is able to sell anything..he can purchase anything.

If you are doing a job or running an institute or you are solving a problem in a profession you need to know how to sell.

Sales & skills training -Graduation college
Sales & skills training -Graduation college

In job you are giving your time..that means you are selling your time.

if you are having a talent of doing BMX cycling you are selling your talent.

You are paid for your skills or talent or time or product.

Identify what you want to sell…

Some people are poor not because they are born in poor country or at poor family.

It is because they have not identified what to sell..they have resources but are not able to identify what to sell.

You look at china ..they are very successul..because they are successful in selling. There are others factor too.

But selling is the basic foundation.

There are lot of reality shows you have seen & lot of people who are poor have innate talent & skills

People are poor not because they are born in a poor family.

Sales Training to employees at Store
Sales Training to employees at Store

Poor people are having talents ..but they are not able to sell their talents & skills.

It does come with lot of failures rejections & experience to become the master of sales.

But once you know how to sell you can move mountains. You can conquer the world.

Is sales a right platform…to grow…

Yes because the right platform & right opportunities comes to those who uses his skills talent.

He who know how to impress people with these skills & knows the art & science of selling can grow.

Sales & skills Training- Tata Corporation
Sales & skills Training- Tata Corporation

There are good & nice people around you…but you will see there are some single people who are not able to get that dream girl.

It is not that they are not nice..it is just that ..they are not able to impress & convince.

To get your dream girl & to convince her to marry you is not less than sales 😊

Convincing their parents is not less than sales too…😊😊

People who have done love marriages are successful sales people…😃

That is why you should choose sales as a career…a great place to start..

Remember marketing is not sales

You can also watch video How to increase sales during lockdown

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Your real education is facing people…sales as a career

So if sales is so important & critical and needed in every aspect of life. Why people are not becoming expert in this field.

Reason is that they are not afraid of sales but the rejection to face people or to give presentation to people.

What if someone rejects me. One of the reason most people are not able to propose their dream girl..is because of fear of rejection.

If you are good transparent & honest & your feeling comes genuinely from your heart..try again selling yourself..

Some people ask why we should choose sales as a career?

Because people who can sell anything ..they can buy anything.

Hope the reasons above will help you why you should choose sales as a career?

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