How we can improve our education system?


How do we improve our education system has always been in our mind.

Deeper the experience of life, you become better.

Intelligence plus character should be the goal of true education.

We at Good 4 Nothing Humanity believe education is more about learning, always be learning.

It is about curosity, about new skills. Do you think todays education system doing that. We don’t think so.

Todays education has shifted into a mode where people believe is about enforcing information.

Information is useful , but not going to make your life, but a living.

It will get you a job, you will make money, but will not teach how to deal with real life challenges.

This is a big problem. So we can solve this challenge.

What education teaches today, it is not relevant

School is not a joyful process for school children, we think for most of them.

And due to Covid_19 it has become now more difficult & the process of educating a child is a pain.

Online classes are good, we totally support that, it makes the world become digital & students can learn from anywhere.

But are students learning anything, the skills that will prepare them during this challenging times.

Or it is a new way of teaching, but the process remains the same, information is just passed on to consume.

Home assignment is shared on WhatsApp, Email, and the students have to complete the task.

Are we just teaching subjects to get a job & not the skills that is required to prepare them for life.

Students Training- Inspiring & Joyful process

School has to be joyful process for learning & for enhancing knowledge & for practical trainings

Education is about enlarging the horizon of human perception

Unfortunately, education is teaching competition & people dont explore themselves & that is a problem.

Because people believe you will not propel if you are not in competition, that is a false idea.

Who cultivated this idea? Sure we only did in our society and it has passed from generation to generation.

Education is a teaching competition & this is a big issue. You need to be on top when you are a student, to get into good college.

Once you get into college, you need to compete here, to stay ahead of others so you can get a good job & handsome salary.

Because parents feel, if their children dont compete, they cannot be successful & will be left behind.

Now, once you get job you need to stay competitive, outperform others, achieve your targets or you will be thrown out.

What happens then, Now stress, frustration, anger, jealousy, mental pressure pops in affecting out health & life.

And we dont know how to deal with them.

The cycle continues, competition is good, it keeps you on top of the game,

but are you learning something new, skills that can help you deal with your life.

So, How do we improve our education system that can help students deal with life.

So, How do we improve our education system

Training Teachers

Information is already there, what is lacking is inspiration,

Inspiration is very important part of life.

In addition to hard & soft skill ( we can call it human skills), inspiration helps learning & achievement.

During COVID-19, it can be a source of courage, strength and resilience.

The pandemic has added an extra layer of panic to the already stressful times that high school can bring.

Due to Covid_19 many students may find their motivation to learn dwindling.

How parents can help. Because Teachers are Parents Too.

Parents can help their children rediscover a sense of purpose

igniting a desire to learn while aiding them through these challenging times.

COVID-19-induced anxiety can make learning and information retention difficult

Our obsession with marks teaches students that external achievement is the only path to success.

Instead, parents approach lower grades with compassion, and help kids find intrinsic motivation.

A sense of fulfillment and interest will help them uncover what they love instead of just what they’re required to do.

Parents are best teachers, share with them your practical experience.

You can learn from the Video below what we are talking.

Parents are the Best Teachers

Our Thoughts: How to Improve our Education

We believe, education should be more relevant for teaching kids about life, entrepreneurs based skills

This will prepare them for the future. Education has to go beyond theories, grades, academics & traditional based classrooms.

It has to be more skill based & should lay emphasis on overall performance.

How many of you remember what % or grades you got when you were in school or college? Very few

Let’s change the question. How those % & grades helps you to deal with real life challenges?

Are you getting our point?

Education has to prepare you for life which is bigger than grades & percentages.

You should know how to deal with life, when you go outside in real life, which is more practical, fast & skill based.

Skills required today in our Education system

We think skills like re-silence, kindness, work ethic, creativity & empathy, communication & presentation skills.

Bringing more energy to classroom, focusing on intrinsic motivation & not only on external motivation.

Learn new skills like, 3D design (that increases creativity),

Coding ( that makes you start thinking & not just consuming information).

Focusing on applied learning is a key in today’s environment.

Parents play a big role, if schools are not teaching.

Since parents are working, they very well know what kind of skills are required today & the future.

Parents dont just have to teach their success, but failures too & how to deal with those failures.

Because we believe, success dont teach you anything, it is failure that prepares you for life.

One skill can be taught is How to be a better Human being? Is it that hard. We dont think so.

How to do money management? The value of money. How to deal with stress? No school teaches that & they will never teach.

Father Teaching her Daughter

But we think they should do it. If they don’t, then who will take the responsibility? Its no one but parents.

It has to be taught by parents. They have practical experience. Real life world experience.

Critical thinking and problem-solving top the list of skills employers believe will grow in prominence in the next five years.

Newly emerging this year are skills in self-management such as active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility.

So, focus on making sure the workers of the future have the soft skills ( Human Skills) to compete in the new jobs market.

Learn the Top 10 Skills of 2025. Are you prepared to take the future Jobs?

How we improve our education system is upto us, it if does not start from school. it has to start from home.

This is what we want you to focus on as shown below

What schools & parents focus should be for children

What are you doing today as a school, parents & teachers to prepare & improve the skills of students for life?

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