15 Life Skills that matter


Life skills matter & these 15 skills what you will read now can change your life.

Do you know how life skills can empower you in both personal & professional life?

We are stepping out of the usual to share something that can transform your life & shape your future

Because today, it is not about any business related information but something indirectly related to it.

Information that can indirectly contribute growth of your business as well as your personal life

Something that will empower you, embrace your life journey with confidence & enthusiasm

These skills are not taught in schools or any colleges but we think they should & it is critical.

And today we want to take a moment to educate, inspire some of the invaluable skills that we picked up along the way in our journey

Good 4 Nothing Humanity had an incredible journey till now with ups, downs, lessons learned, skills gained.

We are always learning.

And still there is so much we learn everyday running our business.

Our experiences shape us of who we are today.

So apart from hard skills, what life skills you need to cope with & manage your life

Skills that enable you to deal effectively with the demands & challenges of life

So lets explore 15 life skills that can change your life both personally & professionally

Today is different. 15 Life Skills that Matters

You see schools & colleges primarily focus on academia.

If someone excels in academia & hard skills required for a job but lacking in life skills then they might encounter challenges in their personal & professional life.

Because life situations are unpredictable and can pop up anytime.

Hard skills & academia wont be of any help here.

Life skills can complement both technical & hard skills that helps individual navigate in today’s challenging work environment and life

These skills can bridge the gap between academia knowledge and real world.

Its application to better prepare people for the complexities of adult life, adapt and make them successful in various fields.

Anyone can learn these skills, no matter where they are in life right now.

It helps individuals to cope with real life obstacles and challenges & it is an ongoing learning process.

You can learn these skills with dedication,effort, seeking guidance and a lot of practice

Few skills you learn from your own experiences that life gives you which no one teaches and no one can teach. 

Are you excited?

So, lets dive in


Skill session with Local Community. 15 Life Skills that Matter

Trust is the most expensive thing on the planet. Cheap people cannot afford it.

It is a foundation for everything you do in life.

If people don’t trust you or if the trust is broken, it cannot be repaired.

There is a saying, it takes years to build trust. seconds to break and once broken, you can never get it back.

Whether in personal or professional life, always ensure integrity is at the core of anything you do.

Trust creates a sense of emotional safety & security.

What you think, what you say & what you do has to be in alignment, if not, people won’t trust you,

They won’t tell you anything, but people are good observers & can easily sense your intention.

It is the foundation for business & in life.

This is one of the 15 Life skills that we emphasize a lot


Founders of Good 4 Nothing Humanity with School children. 15 Life Skills that Matter

Discipline helps you stay focussed. It is a skill that when embraced in life can do wonders.

People wait for motivation but it is temporary and it does not last longer.

Though it gives you a reason to pursue, discipline involves commitment, consistency.

It keeps you focussed even when motivation wanes.

No matter how hard or challenging it is, or how tough the obstacles are, you will never lose your focus even if you don’t feel inspired.

Sticking to a plan and daily routine becomes a habit pushing you through challenges.

Discipline is so hard that any rational person would give up after a certain point of time.

Discipline is a habit. Love it. Embrace it


Session with college on skills building

Working towards common or shared goals, collaboration is key and critical in todays’ fast & digital environment.

For eg Whether it is personal or professional collaboration requires effective communication, compromise and navigate difference in opinions, thoughts or approaches.

When you have the skills to collaborate, you are capable to innovate & unlock the creativity for better solutions in both professional personal life

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a natural part of life, and this skill involves managing disagreements or disputes in a constructive way.

It includes listening to different perspectives, finding common ground, and seeking solutions that benefit all parties involved.

Conflict resolution requires empathy, communication, and sometimes negotiation skills to arrive at agreements that satisfy everyone or at least find a reasonable compromise.

This is very common in both our personal & professional life and knowing how to deal with it will help you to avoid landing in an unresolved situation. 


Session on Digital Marketing skills. 15 Life Skills that Matter

Communicating effectively is very important in today’s digital world.

Offline or online, active listening, being able to articulate your thoughts effectively.

It helps you to build better relationships, resolve conflicts in both personal & professional life that helps you to excel.

It is not just writing or speaking but conveying ideas & thoughts and understanding others.

How you make complex things simple that even a 5 yr old can understand is key to success in today’s world. 

Creative Think or Critical Thinking

It is about attitude and self confidence as about talent. It is about an open, relaxed and playful approach.

Always thinking outside the box. Learning from your mistakes and moving forward.

Analysing information, problem-solving, and making reasoned decisions.

It’s a lot more about generating new ideas, exploring possibilities, and thinking outside the box to find unique solutions.


Everyone is afraid to fail but they forget that failure is not personal.

Failure brings re-silence and brings mental toughness.

We grow only when we fail. Failure gives you feedback.

It tells you that something did not work the way you wanted and you need to change the way you are achieving your goals. 

Failure is painful; it causes disturbance, emotional turmoil and will also upset you. 

Founder in Marketing Event

But it will unleash your true power; you will bounce back in a strong way.

A child never gives up no matter how many times it falls when it starts walking for the first time.

Children never give up and this is the way they learn walking. 

So never give up in your life no matter what the challenges are.

We adults forget that once we were children too.

Get that child-like quality back. 

Decision Making

It is the most important life skill you can learn that will help you to gain an experience.

When someone makes a decision for you, you are not learning.

You can definitely take guidance and suggestions but taking small decisions in everyday life will help and prepare you to make major decisions in your life.

Which career to choose?

Whom to marry?

How to live your life?

Start taking small decisions today to learn and grow.

Does not matter if it goes wrong, what matters is that you have made a decision.

You will make mistakes, but the idea is to learn from your bad decisions.

Your intentions have to be right. 

Self- Awareness

Founder conducting business workshop

Knowing your own strength and weakness will help you to learn and grow. 

It will also help you to better understand how other people see you. It also helps you to improve people skills.

Without being self aware there will be more misunderstanding.

What is the point of understanding others when you don’t understand yourself?

The more self aware we are, the more we will be able to gain from our work & relationships.


Learning to be compassionate will help a person to go out of their way to help physical, emotional pains of another and themselves.

Founder conducting leadership session

An example of a compassionate person is a caring nurse.

Being compassionate helps you to achieve more in life.

Compassionate people are always positive, encourage other people and are always thankful to others


Perseverance plays a very important role in your life.

Mental toughness is required in every aspect of life.

From education to work and life mental toughness and perseverance predicts your level of success more than any other factor.

How you can keep fighting, keep moving forward when the obstacles and challenges are on your way.

In the words of Rocky movie, how much you can take in, take back hits and still keep moving forward no matter how hard and challenging it is.

That is how winners are made.


Learning how to handle rejection is the most important skill you need to learn. It is not easy to handle rejection.

It is very hard and everyone cannot handle rejection. 

Learning something new and focusing outside yourself will help you to focus on something that is relevant and help you to grow.

One thing to understand here is that it is not permanent and will not remain there forever.

Remember rejection is redirection only if you take it in a positive way. 


Founders with BMW showrrom employyes

The character defines everything. It is all about moral qualities which distinguishes one individual from another.

The true character is very critical for growth & success.

Being loyal, truthful, and respectful and being humble goes a long way to build a great life not for a person himself but also makes another person’s life easy and great.

Transparency & honesty plays a very crucial role in both professional & personal development.

Not only it builds trust but being transparent and honest helps individuals often serve as positive role models.

Others are more likely to emulate these behaviours, creating a ripple effect of integrity and trust in their environment.


Person who is kind, friendly, generous and considerate can do wonders.

Kind people can really win hearts.

He is also welcomed by everyone.

Some people think kindness is a weakness but it is not.

A kind person will have more empathy and he can see other people’s problems from his point of view.

It’s about choosing to respond to situations with compassion and empathy, leading to a more positive and fulfilling life for both oneself and those around.

Don’t fake it, because people can easily make out about your intentions whether you want something in return when showing kindness


Do you have the capacity to recover from difficulties and challenges that you encounter in your life?

Most people are not mentally strong enough to overcome difficult situations. 

Learning to be re-silent will not avoid challenges & difficulties but mentally strong people can deal with downtime and also recover from it.

You can bounce back from setbacks & failures or rejections.

You need to be flexible, adaptable and need to have a coping capacity no matter what situations you land on that can derail you from your goals. 

A great article from Harvard University on life skills. Learn Building the life skills adults need for life

Wrap up! 15 life skills that matters

Founder having a session with School teachers 15 Life Skills that Matter

We at Good 4 Nothing humanity feel that these skills should be integrated in school curriculum

These skills are really helpful when we grow as an adults.

Learning the above 15 life skills will not only help children but also adults to cope with real life challenges in day to day life

We have done session with parents in few schools in Parents teaches association (PTA) and shared our view regarding it.

Apart from business seminars we also conduct this kind of sessions sometimes & share our experience with school & parents

We feel learning life skills can go a long way in helping business & individuals to lead a fulfilling, balanced, and successful life.

Our suggestion is not only to school & colleges but also to corporates to integrate into their learning environment.

And also request to parents to share their real life experience with their children so they know how to deal with it when they face same kind of situation.

We all together can make a difference in shaping the future generations where they know how to deal with real life challenges.

We feel this 15 life skills matter to change both your personal & professional life

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