10 C’s for employee engagement.

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Do you think employee engagement is critical for the success of the business?

How do you think employee disengagement can impact a company’s success and growth?

Disengaged employees decreases productivity, results in higher turnover rates, & it creates negative impact on company culture.

Employees that are engaged in their work are highly motivated, passionate & invested in their work 

When employees are engaged, they are more likely to be invested in their work and are more likely to put in extra effort to achieve organizational goals.

Business success can depend on several factors, and it’s challenging to single out one as the most critical

Here are Top 10 C’s for Employee Engagement


A manager/leader should always value his employee.

This is the initial step of connecting with the people you work.


Leaders should provide challenging work that gives the employees an opportunity for career advancement.


The vision of your organization should be communicated to the employees with clarity.

Success of an organization can be determined by how clear individuals are about the goals and the targets.

Proper information should be used to teach employees how to work together to meet the objective.


The employees should be told what the organization expects out from them & should also give continuous feedback.

A good performance management system would help the leaders in keeping track of the functioning of the employees.


Congratulate the Good work of the employees

Leaders should congratulate the deserving employee to let him know that his contribution was noticed.


The contribution of each employee should be measured as each one of them would want to know if they are doing the right thing.

Thus, leaders should make the employees see and feel how they are contributing to the organization.


Leaders should make sure that the employees are on the laid track.

They should exercise control over the employees to get the right output.


When employees work in a team with trust and cooperation,

they tend to outperform the individuals and the other teams who lack good relationship.

Good leaders are team builders.


Leaders who exhibit great ethical values earn the employee’s credibility.

Employees perform better when they know they have a credible leader.


Great leaders are examples of ethics and high performance.

They create confidence through this which in-turn motivates the employees to be more focused on delivering high performance and be ethical

Research compiled by LinkedIn has shown that employees who spend time learning on the job are: 

  • 47% less likely to be stressed
  • 39% more likely to feel productive and successful
  • 23% more able to take on additional responsibilities
  • 21% more likely to feel confident and happy

Conclusion: Top 10 C’s of Employee Engagement

In conclusion, employee engagement is essential for the success of organizations.
Engaged employees are more productive, motivated, and committed to their work, which can
lead to increased profitability, customer satisfaction, and overall business success.
Disengaged employees, on the other hand, can have a negative impact on team morale and productivity, leading to decreased performance and higher turnover rates.
Employers can promote employee engagement by providing a positive work environment,
offering opportunities for growth and development,
Recognizing and rewarding good work, and fostering a culture of open communication & collaboration can boost engagement.
How do you think the rise of remote work and distributed teams has impacted employee engagement & disengagement? What challenges and opportunities does it present?
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