Top 3 Tools to use during Covid-19 Lockdown

Top 3 Tools to use during Covid_19 lockdown

Do you want to learn about the Top 3 tools that can help you during Covid-19 Lockdown?

We are all going through hard & challenging times.

The ongoing spread of corona virus has become one of the biggest threat

to the global economy & financial markets.

Top 3 tools to use during covid-19 lockdown

Corona Virus has impacted the way we live our daily lives.

As covid -19 panic remains more & more people have started working from home.

So in time of uncertainty business & brands can use live videos & social media to stay

connected with customers.

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Top 3 tools to use during covid_19 lockdown

Top 3 tools that will help:

Businesses & brands to stay in connection with their customers

As employees you will be able to interact with your colleagues & be productive

As friends you can stay in touch with one another & stay away from complete isolation.

There is a complete lockdown…its a problem

School & colleges has been shutdown

Exams has been postponed.

Business & travel has been impacted

Even during these challenging times there are plenty of things we

can do to keep ourselves busy & keep the work flowing.

The solution for lockdown- Keep the work flowing

So the question is how do you stay connected when you are working from home

most of the time.

So lets get started without wasting further time.

Top 3 Tools to use during Covid-19 Lockdown

Here is the first one

Zoom Video Communication
Zoom Video Communication

Zoom: Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communication

It provides remote conferencing services that combine video conferencing

services, online meetings, chat & mobile collaboration.

It was founded by Eric Yuan.

The company is at San Jose california.

What you can do with Zoom App? Some of the features.

student engagement & learning can be done

marketing events & town hall meetings can be conducted

collaboration enabled conference room can be created

cross platform messaging & file sharing is possible

Do you like it. Keep Reading.

They have different plans available. The basic is free.

Participants can join meeting for free from desktop, tablet and mobile device

without having an account. ( provided if someone sends them an invite)

There are different plans from pro, business & enterprise level. all having different features.

Zoom was ranked No 3 in top 3 free app ahead of Netflix, Google’s YouTube & Facebook’s Instagram

Check out the link for more information & sign up. Its free.

You can also check Step by Step Guide on How to install & set up Zoom

The second tool

Cisco WebEx: WebEx was founded in 1995 & was acquired by Cisco in 2007.

Cisco WebEx
Cisco WebEx

Chuk Robbins is the CEO of Cisco Technologies.

Do you know that Eric Yuan the founder of Zoom was once lead the WebEx engineering team?

Yes, that is before he started Zoom.

It is an american company that develops & sells web conferencing & video conferencing applications.

Some of the features of Cisco WebEx

Hold Events & Webinars

Offer online training or course

Provide remote support

show people whats on the screen

share file or computer screen, online presentation. Work from where you are.

You can select a meeting, click to start and someone can join meeting.

if someone is late, you an remind them and send invite to join the meeting.

As long as you have a free basic account, you can conduct online meeting with up to 3 people for free for life.

Here is the third & final tool

Microsoft Teams: Team is a chat based collaboration tool that provides, global, remote &

dispersed teams with the ability to work together & share information via a common space.

Microsoft Team
Microsoft Team

It is collaborative, productive & maintain sense of community while working remotely.

Some of the features include

Document collaboration

one on one team chat

Chat privately or in a group

Connect Face to Face in HD audio & video and much more...

Learn 30 Business Metrics to track for your business

Keep Reading…

Previously Teams was not free but used to come up with office 365 subscription.

There are more than 2,00,000 businesses who uses team, but since it was not free, since many small businesses & free lancers were left out.

Microsoft realized it and made the basic free. Both free & paid versions are available now.

Some of the other features in Microsoft teams

Free version of team include support of 300 people of unlimited chat message & search.

Built in audio & video calling

Direct access to email, Skype, one drive and SharePoint.

Access team across all your devices

Collaborate internally & externally securely.

You can Sign up for free by clicking the link Microsoft Teams

There are so many other Virtual tools in the market like Google Hangout, Avaya Conferencing, Logmein.

You can check each one of those, and start using the one that fits your best needs.

So hope the above information was useful

Please do share with people who will also get knowledge about this tools.

Which of the above tools you are using? Please do leave comments. Will be glad to hear from you all.

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