14 Laws of Marketing for your Business

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Are you in Marketing? Do you want to learn 14 Laws of Marketing for your business? Read on.

Marketing is all about value. 

If you want to do business, you should know how you are going to market yourself

Whether its a product or services or creating a brand for your own you should know

how to do effective marketing

Most people think that product is everything

Just make a good product & people will start purchasing.

This is not true.

There are so many companies who are successful because of their marketing strategies

For eg : Apple & Nike, the world’s most  innovative companies whose marketing

efforts paid off very well.

If you look at their marketing ads, they never sell products,

they sell dreams, aspirations and life that you always dream to live.

Marketing & Sales are different but they should be aligned to get best results.

What is effective Marketing or 14 Laws of Marketing for your business

With effective marketing you can make your products fit into the minds of customers

And that way you can make them fans of your products & brand.

And this is what we call ‘ Business’ understanding the psychology of people

So of you are in business you should know how to effectively market your product & services

Due to Covid_19 people are spending more time online, on an average

an individual spends 4.5 hrs in a day.

Person using Phone- 14 Laws of Marketing
Person using Phone

Let’s be honest, the attention span of people has reduced from 12 sces to 7 secs.

Yes, you heard it right, only 7 secs to create the impression in buyers mind.

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Few years back this was not the case, you had few brands and there was

not as much noise as we have today.

Internet penetration has increased, smartphone users have skyrocketed,

more & more people are online today.

Those businesses who were not online are now online today, and those

who were online have accelerated their presence.

Marketing has evolved in the last few years. 

As Al Ries and Jack Trout—the world-renowned marketing consultants and

bestselling authors of Positioning—note, 

‘You can build an impressive airplane, but it will never leave the ground if you

ignore the laws of physics, especially gravity. 

Why then, they ask, shouldn’t there also be laws of marketing that must be

followed to launch and maintain winning brands? 

22 Laws of Marketing – Al Ries & Jack Trout

In The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, Ries and Trout offer a compendium of

twenty-two innovative rules for understanding and succeeding in the international marketplace.

In their book 22 laws of Marketing Al Ries and Jack Trout,share marketing

strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

We feel few laws are still relevant today in the digital world and one can effectively

use these strategies to market their products or services.

We will share 14 laws of Marketing for your business which we think can still work

today and you should use it in the fast moving digital world.

Innovation & Marketing are key for business success in 2021 & beyond

Learn Why innovation & Marketing are key for success for your business

According to us : Marketing is all about value & 14 Laws of Marketing

Everyone is online today. You name it.

Whether you talk about Education, Tourism industry, Govt. digital services and so on. 

It is not just limited to websites and ecommerce, but now even small business have come online

The new age digitally blessed marketing consequently allows you to connect with all

kinds of audience groups across the world. 

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Today’s consumer behavior has helped to break the boundaries of language, demographics, and geography.

You can reach anyone, anytime no matter where they are, with the help of internet & Marketing.

So, if you are in business or planning to start one, you should know the 22 laws of marketing.

We will share a few of them but if you are interested, you can read the book in detail.

Are you Ready?

Lets get started.

14 Laws of Marketing for your Business

Law of Leadership

Being first in the marketplace is an advantage compared to making products better than competitors.

When you are first, you set the rules. 

It is better than playing by someone else’s rules.

In the fast moving world, no one remembers who was second.

Man Jumping - Law of Leadership- 14 Laws of Marketing
Man Jumping – Law of Leadership

People always remember the first, the first mover always are in the mind

For eg: Everyone remembers the first person on the moon, the first president of the country.

No one remembers who was second, third and so on…

Similarly people remember the brand that impacts first. There is always the first advantage

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Law of Category– 14 Laws of Marketing for your business

If there is competition in any category, to be a leader in that category is difficult. 

So it is better to create a new category. Where you become the leader.

It is not difficult and you don’t have to do anything different.

For Eg : Camera was always there. Go pro created the category of camera for

sports and became the leader in that category.

Let’s take another one, for instance instagram was not the first photo sharing app, 

but it created an app with filters to make photos look different.

Thus instagram created a new category to become the best photo sharing app

and people just loved it.

Law of Mind– 14 Laws of Marketing for your business

It is not important that you should be first in the market 

but you should be the first thing that should come to people’s mind when they want to buy.

It is a key to be successful. 

Man Thinking- Law of Mind- 14 Laws of Marketing
Man Thinking- Law of Mind

If you are successful in fitting your products or brand name in the mind of consumers,

it means you are the first in the market.

Public perception is everything. 

Law of Perception– 14 Laws of Marketing for your business

Marketing is not about the products but the value and perception you create for people

There is nothing like reality.

What we call reality is a perception that we create in our mind.

Some of you may disagree on this but according to us this is a fact

Let’s give you an example

Apple was not successful because of its hardware. We don’t think so.

There are other PC manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, HP who have better hardware

than Apple at the same price.

Even when we talk about Apple Phones, the hardware is nowhere compared to

competitors when price is the factor.

But in the minds of people there is a perception that Apple has higher quality

standards compared to competitors.

And Apple certainly does have that quality, we totally agree. 

This makes apple superior and Apple knows how to do effective marketing in convincing people

Thanks to Steve Jobs who was the master in Marketing. Tim Cook & his team are

successful in carrying this legacy forward. 

They apply the same strategies again & again of Marketing effectively.

Law of Focus– 14 Laws of Marketing for your business

It is very important that you as a business should be able to be in the minds of the consumer. 

There are so many search engines that exist today, Google was not the first search engine. 

But, today when we say search engine, Google is the company that comes first in our mind.

See, you don’t even remember who others are. Other search engines are also there and successful.

For Eg :Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go but Google is the first that strikes.

Google Search Engine- 14 Laws of Marketing
Google Search Engine

This is the power of focus. Google is a search engine and will remain a search engine

in the minds of consumers.

So law of focus is important as you uniqueness is well know to people, 

Google was able to create a law of focus from the very beginning that it is a search engine.

Law of Exclusivity– 14 Laws of Marketing for your business

This law states that two companies cannot own the same word to create and grab

the attention of the customer

As a business you can use the same word but it will not be effective,

So try to find out a unique word that sets you apart from your competition. 

SWOT Analysis- 14 laws of Marketing
SWOT Analysis

Create your own word & market your product & services.

May businesses fail to understand this and they think if they can spend more money they can & own the idea

It is not possible to do that. 

Law of Ladder

Your marketing strategy depends on your position in the market. 

It does not matter if you are not No 1. Every business use different strategy 

If you are at no 2, you need to create a different strategy for your brand compared to

brands or businesses who are in No 1 & No 3.

Avis was No. 2 in car rental and when they advertised as “finest in rent-a-cars”

they had losses because their marketing wasn’t credible (you can’t be “finest” being No. 2).

They turned profit when they switched to “Avis is only No. 2 in rent-a-cars.

So why go with us? We try harder”

Law of Duality

In the long run, every market becomes a two-horse race.

McDonald & Burger King. Coca-Cola & Pepsi. Nike & Reebok. Crest & Colgate.

You talk about any car companies or Streaming services. 

There is always a competition.

You don’t have to be afraid even if you are at No 2.

Always remember there is always an option that consumers can choose from. 

The second best in terms of price, service etc.

We all have been through when we had a choice to choose.

Law of Opposite

If you are in second position, your strategy should be based on who is the leader in the market..

Leverage the leader’s strength into a weakness.

Don’t try to be better than the leader, try to be different.

E.g. Pepsi marketed itself as a “choice for the new generation”

when faced with Coca-cola’s “old and established” brand.

Law of division

Over time a category will split into two or more categories.

E.g. computers started as a single category but broke up into mainframes, workstations,

personal computers, laptops etc.

Cars started as a single category but were divided into luxury cars, sport cars, RVs, minivans etc.

Companies often don’t understand that and instead think that categories are combining,

believing in synergy.

Leader can maintain dominance by addressing emerging categories 

with new brand names instead of using brand name 

successful in one category in a new category.

Law of Success

Sometimes successes creates ego for some people that cannot lose or they cannot fail

It can also happen with companies.

They turn a blind eye thinking nothing can happen to them.

We have an example for Nokia & Blackberry. Learn from these companies.

Don’t be arrogant, leave your go and think objectively and learn from the market

Your ego can make you blind & will stop you from seeing the reality

Be open minded & Always be learning. Be flexible

Innovation & Marketing is key for success as we discussed above

Law of Failure

Failure is to be expected and accepted.

Drop things that don’t work instead of trying to fix them.

Don’t punish for failures. If you do, people will stop taking risks.

Be flexible & adaptable and always work on strategies according to changes

Law of Resources

Video Creation 14 Laws of Marketing
Video Creation

This law states that if you don’t have money your business can’t take off which we

feel is not true to some extent

We understand that you need money to market your brand or business.

But that does not mean you cannot do marketing

In the age of social media and so many free tools you can do very effective marketing.

You don’t need big budgets to create your brand

Little bit of creativity, camera and execution and you can create great content

Just provide value, Be consistent and you need to solve problems

Marketing can be done without heavy budget too, if as business you know what

works for your audience

So, we deeply feel that marketing is all about value.

If you provide value, reach the right people at the right time with the right message,

your marketing efforts will pay off for sure

The above 14 laws of Marketing are still relevant today for your business

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