Top 10 Truths about Branding.


The top 10 truths of branding for business is for any business that wants to build a brand that impacts

The best name, logo, ads, & efforts can’t compensate for a weak brand.

But, What’s a brand? And how do you build a strong one?

The 10 Truths about branding will help you to make human connection.

Branding for business the Top 10 truths will help you to build a business that is memorable

Learning these 10 truths about branding will unlock your brand to next level.

Lets learn the golden rule of great branding.

Lets Start..

Branding starts with Positioning

Your position is the birthplace of your brand.

It is the unique space in the consumers mind that only offering’s can fill.

Brand positioning
Brand Positioning.

You need to determine & stake your position before you develop your brand.

Positioning is the process of finding an unfulfilled want or need in the consumer’s mind,

& addressing it with totally different unique offering.

There are some rules for positioning

  1. Your position must be open
  2. Your position must be based on unique & different that attracts.
  3. It must deliver consistency to make an impact.

Brand is a promise well kept.

Top 10 Truths about Branding. Branding for Business
Brand Promise- Image-Shaking Hands

Brands are promises that people believe in. It is what you deliver.

Highlight who you are & what you stand for & the benefits you deliver

It should reinforce every time people come in contact with your brand.

Whether it is customers, employees, investors family, friends etc.

It is an expectation that you live up every single time people experience your brand.

Keeping promise & deliver consistency is the key whenever someone comes in contact with your brand.

Branding happens from Inside out

Top 10 Truths about Branding. Branding for Business
Branding inside-Out -Image with lady thinking

There is a difference between growing your brand & growing your business.

A brand is a broader expression of your business. For eg take an example of Coca-Cola or P&G

They have multiple business under one brand.

Brand is a reflection of what you stand for.

So it has to align properly with the values & the purpose of your org.

You need to have 3 essential statements that describes your brand

  1. Your Vision statement
  2. Mission
  3. Brand Identity- What you do?

It is not about the number of products you sell or the number of leads you generate.

Play the long term game, focus on engagement, reach & recognition.

The above 3 elements will help you to achieve the same.

Consistency builds brands

Top 10 Truths about Branding. Branding for Business
Brand Consistency builds brand. Image-Mike to speak

Once you are clear with what you stand for & what you want to deliver. consistency becomes the key

whether it is a product, services or promise, it has to reflect the consistency

that will help gain recognition for your brand.

Create a consistent brand customers can count on.

  1. Displaying a consistent look
  2. Projecting a consistent tone
  3. Delivering consistent level of quality
  4. Being consistent true to the heart of your brand.

Use publicity, advertising & other online efforts to build consistency.

People power brands

Top 10 Truths about Branding. Branding for Business
People power brands- Image- Group of people with hands

Passionate employees & passionate customers powers brands.

Developing brand understanding & enthusiasm within org will not only help grow your brand,

but also build understanding, enthusiasm, & commitment outside the org too.

Logo, promise & communication are ingredients of a great brand.

It also includes various people in your org from leaders to employees to build a great brand.

Build brand champions in your org who are passionate that can help ignite customer’s passion.

Brands lives in consumer’s mind

Top 10 Truths about Branding. Branding for Business
Brand lives in consumers mind-Image. Person thinking

When people see or hear you name impression & memories pop up that determine what they believe about you.

What your business stands for & the promise you deliver will determine how long people will remember you.

Customers notions will be based on the communication from your brand.

Whether it is good or bad, accurate or inaccurate, it comprises the image of your brand.

It will influence how your customer thinks & buys.

Your brand image lives in customers mind, whether you internationally put it there or not.

Brand image you have should be the brand image you want, that is a way to great branding.

Brand Names unlocks brand images

Top 10 Truths about Branding. Branding for Business
Image- Person unlocking the door with key

Your brand is a set of memories they unlock when they come in contact with your brand.

Your brand grows with your vision, mission & identity you create in comnsumers mind.

A great brand name should

  1. Reflect the brand character
  2. Describe your offering
  3. Convey or consistent with your brand promise
  4. Be unique & pleasant and be memorable so that it becomes into asset.

Building a brand is the most challenging, momentous & necessary phase in the process of branding.

Brand experience trump brand message

Top 10 Truths about Branding. Branding for Business
Brand Message- Image Hands showing love gestures

Selling is not branding. Sales is a different ballgame.

Branding is not marketing too. They are 2 different things. Just like sales is not marketing & vice versa

Marketing is all about providing value but branding is much more bigger than that.

When consumer take decision it is rarely based on marketing , they rely on their own experience.

If brands cannot deliver what they promise, the experience is bad.

This is how with the experience consumers take a decisions.

The experience should be same starting from the CEO to the employees whenever consumer comes in contact.

Not a single experience should fall short.

The above is one of the Top 10 truths about branding

Brands needs to stay relevant

Brand relevance & importance
Brand Relevance-Image Important

To be in consumer’s mind, your brand needs to be credible, competitive, current & relevant.

That means you need to tune into market conditions, consumer preference & cultural trends.

Market changes just like during Covid-19, the way people shop & interact with brand has changed.

People are now spending lot of time online, interacting, engaging & buying online.

Businesses are now using Digital Marketing to reach their customers.

You need to be present where your customers hang around.

If brand do not change with the trend, chances are they lose out to competition.

So be flexible & adaptable.

With revised brand strategy you adopt should represent your brand vision for at least 10 years.

Brands are valuable assets

Brands are  Assets
Brands are assets-Image- Money growing over years

In the world ‘s most successful businesses, the brand is often the most valuable single assets.

When companies with great brands are sold, the value of the brand often accounts for as much as half of the sale price

Plus brand will transalte into everyday economic benefits including:

  1. Premium pricing
  2. Higher market share
  3. Reduced threat to competition
  4. Greater employee satisfaction
  5. Higher recognition by consumes, industry, leaders, media, investors & analysts

Calculate the equity of your brand.

So, get into the roots of brand building, make that human connection thereby benefit from by providing great brand experience.

The Top 10 truths of brand building above will make your brand memorable & the first think people will remember when they see or hear your brand.

You can also learn about the Basic for brand building

Any business can use the Top 10 truths about branding to scale their business.

So, are you building your brand?

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