What is Customer Journey Map


Customer journey map helps business to understand customer, provide smooth user experience at all points of contact & across all channels.

It illustrates the relationship a consumer has with a firm over time through storytelling and imagery.

Since the tale is being conveyed from the viewpoint of the consumer, it offers insight into the customer’s whole experience

Your team will be better able to comprehend and address the wants and problems that customers encounter as they use your product or service

Customer journey map is a potent method for figuring out what drives your customers, including their requirements, hesitations, and fears.

Although the majority of businesses are generally competent at acquiring data about their clients, data by itself is unable to convey the difficulties and experiences the client had.

Businesses has to go one step further to understand the customers by being in their shoes.

It is one of the best storytelling tools in business that can help you to understand your buyers personas

In other words, by charting the customer journey, your company can observe how your brand interacts

with potential customers at the outset of the sales process and progresses through all the key stages

Why customer journey map?

Customer Journey Map: Founder with Local Community

Customer journey mapping is used to better understand the experiences that customers have while guaranteeing consistency and a smooth user experience at all points of contact and across all channels.

There is no substitute for asking your clients how they are finding the various stages of the trip.

With the help of customer journey map, you are now able to enhance the client experience since you have developed an understanding of the consumer journeys with your organization..

Here are few reasons why business should start creating customer journey map?

  • It provides your business with full client experience
  • Bring teams together to address specific client challenges so that you may comprehend the fundamental customer journey patterns where more development will have the most impact.
  • By identifying important stages and decision points, you may increase customer conversion rates and make them happen faster.
  • Increased customer retention can be achieved by knowing how customers move through, for example, each stage of the procurement cycle, in order to make sure the right information is provided to and accessible by all parties.
  • Enables a business to focus on one customer’s journey through a particular channel.
  • Understanding the necessary metrics can help you spot client progress and potential trouble spots, opening up possibilities to win them back.
  • Enables companies to prioritize their customer experience strategy’s actions
  • Identifies the disconnects between the various channels and departments
  • Data driven decision helps your business to make better informed decisions about resource allocation, prioritizing improvements & measuring the impact of change on the customer experience.

How to Create Customer Journey Map

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Customer journey map allows businesses understand and empathize with their customers, allowing them to better meet customer needs and expectations.

It is very important for business to create the map that outlines the entire experience a customer has with a business,

From the initial contact or awareness stage through the various touchpoints, interactions, and stages of the customer lifecycle.

Before we outline what is included in the customer journey map, lets understand the different stages & touchpoints customers interact with your brand or business

Stages of Customer Journey Map

Identify the key stages or phases that a customer goes through when interacting with your business.
Common stages include:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision
  • Purchase
  • Onboarding
  • Usage
  • Support
  • Loyalty/Advocacy

Understand the goals and motivations driving customer actions at each stage is crtical

This can include goals such as finding information, making a purchase, or seeking assistance.

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List of touch points or channels of Interaction

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Phone
  • In-person interactions
  • Mobile apps
  • Chatbots
  • Customer Support

Continuously gather feedback from customers, employees, and stakeholders to refine and improve
the customer journey map over time.

Now, let’s outline what is included in the customer journey map.

Create a Personas

Both personas and journey maps are crucial strategic tools that support a thorough understanding of your customers’ identities, needs, and interactions with your company at all touch points.

But more significantly, for disseminating client insights throughout the company.

It is better to develop the personas first because they contain a lot of the data needed to create a journey map. 

Depending on the goal of your journey mapping endeavor, you must first identify whose journey you are intending to map, such as a particular consumer type (persona), a potential (target) customer, or a section of customers.

Identify your customers phases

Typically, customer stages are used to organize journey maps.

Each phase of your customer’s journey is represented by a significant objective they are working toward

Instead of using the steps from your internal process, you should create a customer journey map with stages that mirror your customers’ goal-oriented trip

Therefore, after creating your persona, you must determine the steps in the client experience.

  • What steps must be taken before purchasing your goods or services, starting with consideration?
  • Define the phases that your customers go through with you over time based on the persona
  • Define how, when, and where they learn about your business,
  • How they investigate about your goods & services
  • How they pick you over your rivals
  • And lastly, why they want to do business with you

List the touchpoints your customer use

Customer touchpoints are all the points where a customer interacts with your brand.

Customers might come across your company online or in an advertisement, check out ratings and reviews, go to your website, shop at your physical store, or get in touch with your customer care, for instance. 

Understanding the touch points will help you better understand your customers

Do research when creating Customer Journey map

Most people are happy to assist if they feel you are truly interested in their experience and will utilize their comments to better things for others, so you may need to provide some incentives for participation.

Try to determine for each stage of the journey:

  • What were their objectives and what did they hope to accomplish?
  • What did they anticipate the procedure to look like?
  • The procedures they followed and touchpoints they made to accomplish the stage
  • What emotions they experienced at each touchpoint and why
  • How much time did it take to finish the task?

Identify point of friction

It’s time to consider the big picture, or the entirety of your customer’s experience with your business, once you have identified the objectives of your persona and listed all of their touchpoints.

Together with your team, go through each stage of the journey map to assist you spot any areas where the customer experience might be stumbling.

As you map the customer journey, identify pain points, bottlenecks, and areas where customers might be delighted or frustrated. These are opportunities for improvement.

Customer Journey Map: Solution to delight customers

Journey maps aren’t just for illustration purposes.

A normal activity should reveal a few simple solutions, including chances to increase delight and enhance the journey.

Of course, when customer wants are better understood and satisfied, most businesses also find the process contributes to broader improvements in the customer experience.

In short, route mapping should guide specific activities that enhance the experience and boost ROI.

Remember to share your map with any pertinent stakeholders and to treat it as a living document that should be updated as needed and revisited frequently.

Map your customer journey and help your customers successfully get from A to B with this Template.

One More Thing…

Ensure that the customer journey map aligns with the broader business objectives and
strategies, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty while achieving business growth.

Customer Journey Map Workshop

Every business team needs to have a customer path map.

It gives you a precise picture of the needs, expectations, and preferences of your clients.

It aids in your comprehension of your target market, the qualities they look for in a product, and their interactions with your brand. 

Additionally, you may use this information to build your website, create efficient landing pages, and improve your content strategy.

It also enables you to spot potential problem areas and pinpoint issues that might have an impact on your sales revenue.

As said, creating a customer journey map is an ongoing process, as customer behaviors and expectations evolve over time.

Regularly update and refine your maps to ensure they remain relevant and effective in improving the customer experience.

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