What is SEO? How it helps in Website Ranking?

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Do you know what is SEO & how it helps in website ranking?

You may not be familiar with SEO or Search Engine Optimization,

but you’ve heard it’s a necessary and beneficial digital marketing strategy.

This article breaks down what SEO is, why it’s essential &

how to implement best practices to make your business more discoverable

than ever before on the internet.

What is SEO?

The only goal of Search Engine Optimization is to improve the quantity and quality

of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Business office
Business office

A better position in the organic results for a term in your sector increases

your company’s online visibility. This, in turn, allows you to reach out to

more prospects who are ready to buy and convert them into customers.

When done correctly, SEO may help your company stand out from

the crowd as a reputable business while enhancing the consumer

experience with your brand and Website.

So lets dive in with What is SEO & How it helps in Website Ranking?

Elements of Search Engine Optimization?

Elements of SEO
Elements of SEO

On Site SEO

You will need to make some SEO changes to your site’s content for it to

be search engine friendly. When optimizing your web pages for search engines,

you want to communicate with them about what the page is about in several ways.


While keywords are no longer the sole SEO strategy that matters, they are still crucial

for your Website’s search engine ranking. When talking about keywords,

we’re talking about specific terms and phrases that potential customers

use to locate answers on the internet.


The material you offer and promote on your Website is critical for attracting

more audience and increasing your reach and interaction.

We’d recommend a string of blogs dedicated to the different types of

window coverings, from modern window coverings to intelligent home automation

through motorized blinds, for example, to boost your visibility in that field.

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Local SEO

If your company only services a specific region, it will not rank in other cities.

To offer consumers suggestions that are nearby, they can make a fast

selection rather than sift through businesses that aren’t at that location;

search engines pull the user’s location. So, if someone wanted to discover

the finest sushi in town, they’d do a quick Google search, glance at the top pages

around them, and make their selection.

Local shops in India
Local shops in India

This means if your company isn’t showing

up as a top result when it should be, there’s a good chance they’re moving on to another provider.

Using local keywords, claiming your directory listings, and developing

sites for your companies on platforms such as Google My Business and Google Maps

are all methods to enhance your local SEO.

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Off-Site SEO

Off-site search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving a

company’s search rankings by utilizing websites outside of its own to boost their own.

Link building or “backlinks” is an effort to get other reputable, high-traffic

websites to link back to your site.

Backlinks indicate trust for search engines, and they can play a significant

role in your Ranking. Make sure the links are coming from reputable and

trustworthy sources to improve your position.

Don’t try to deceive the search engine into recognizing wrong links with

“black hat” methods because you’ll most certainly get penalized and

perhaps banned from search engines.

Why Is SEO Important for Website Ranking?

Visibility and Rankings

When people search for something online, they are more inclined to select

one of the top five options provided by the search engine.

Screen Monitor: What is SEO? How it helps in Website Ranking?
Screen Monitor

SEO allows you to rank higher in search results and get more exposure on the internet,

making potential consumers more likely to click over to your site and convert.

Web Traffic

Said, if potential customers can’t locate your Website, sales chances are being lost.

Organic search engine traffic is increased through SEO, resulting in more

excellent daily visits to your page.

The more relevant people that see your site, the more likely you are to sell to them.


The greater your SEO score is, the higher you’ll show up in search engines

like Google and Bing.

While a better Google position appeals to all businesses due to increased exposure,

a secondhand benefit is the faith you gain with potential consumers.

Because users typically prefer search engine suggestions, providing a

higher ranking for the keywords they’re searching for is one of the most effective

strategies to ensure that your product or service is seen as trustworthy.

User Experience

A well-optimized website makes it easy for visitors to understand what product or service

is being sold, how to obtain it, and any questions they may have.

Search engines like Google and Bing can easily extract the data they

need to communicate with users by catering the site to the user’s experience.

If a user cannot easily operate your website, a search engine also cannot.

What is SEO? How does it help in Website Ranking? Growth

SEO is without a doubt critical to the success of your business.

As we stated above, the higher you rank for a range of high-volume

terms in search engines, the more organic (i.e., non-paid) web traffic your site

will receive.

Laptop Screen with Analytics: What is SEO? How it helps in Website Ranking?
Laptop Screen with Analytics

It’s as simple as that.

A well-optimized website is more likely to attract new consumers and earn more sales.

People spread the word about your brand across social media platforms

like Facebook or Instagram if they discover your Website through a search engine.

Web V/s AI search results in SEO

Last few months we have been observing SERP in google & Bing when people are searching for their queries.

Lots changed how people are navigating search engine results page.

Users are able to get direct answers in SERP without going to website so we have been pondering will website traffic drop?

Do you think with integration of Chat GPT & Google Bard in search engines will impact the way users access information in SERP?

You see, with the adoption & improvement of conversational AI along with evolution of Search engine results page could indeed impact the way users access information on Search Results.

Because users will get quick answers directly in search engine results page, that means drop in website traffic.

So as a business owner and marketer how do you create engagement & drive traffic to your website?

So does that mean SEO is dead?

We don’t think so but we do certainly know, how user behaviour and user experience will change with AI

Here is the video on Web v/s AI search results and what business & marketers need to focus on to keep driving traffic to their website

Web V/s AI Search Results

SEO is not dead but due to emerging technologies like AI and changing user behaviour, businesses need to adapt.

Businesses & marketers need to optimize their content for natural language queries to keep driving website traffic to their business.

One More thing…

Remember that SEO should be regarded as a beneficial long-term technique,

not a precise science with immediate effects, when looking at what search engine optimization is,

why it’s essential, and how to execute it.

Google SERP : What is SEO? How it helps in Website Ranking?
Google SERP

Your position in the search engine is significantly impacted by who you’re

competing with, such as the size of your firm, its longevity, and any on-site or off-site SEO efforts.

Improving your digital presence is a never-ending challenge,

but these strategies to improve SEO can help you get started.

Hope now you know What is SEO? How does it help in Website Ranking?

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